Was at breakfast with friends the other morning - I looked across the restaurant where a woman in her 40's or so sat with an older woman, probably in her 70's. It was a small table - just the two of them. The younger woman looked down at her smart phone, clicking away, obviously engrossed more in whatever she found there than the company of her elder (mother, grandmother, aunt, friend???). The older woman fidgeted in her seat, looking around the room. She looked lonely and lost, like she was just looking for a connection. Eventually, she got up and went to the restroom without the younger woman even noticing. When I finally caught her eye all I could do was smile sympathetically. But the disrespect and lack of concern the younger woman showed the older one just appalled me. NOTHING on that … [Read More...]


Patience vs. Presence

So many times people comment to a parent - "you must have so much Patience". The comment may come at different times but seems to be voiced more readily when the child's behavior is viewed by others as upset, excited, or exuberant in some way. The calm parent is viewed as some sort of super-human being able to "put up" with such behavior. The word¬†Patience is very weighty. Don't you hear the sense of heaviness that it conveys? Is it really Patience we want to have with our children? Patience implies that, while the parent may appear calm on the outside, they are not on the inside. They are enduring, holding back anger or upset, and waiting anxiously for the moment to pass. Presence, on the other hand, allows us to simply accept what is and be in the moment with our children. It allows … [Read More...]


Quick Start Challenge Week 2 – Video Post!

So here it is - my first ever YouTube video post for the Week 2 Quick Start Challenge! Such fun to make, especially after I enlisted my daughter Skyrah's help, so I hope you enjoy watching! What are the labels that you use for yourself? Are there some you would rather lose and some you don't mind keeping? I'm earning my "financially secure" title every day! Will you?? … [Read More...]


Getting started Item #1

So the first thing I had to do on this challenge was get a website with a blog going. I already have several websites and domain names but I decided that, for the QSC, I would start from scratch. So, if YOU are starting from scratch - what's the first thing you need to have a website? Well, you need a domain name. Your domain name is kind of like the street address people use to find your house. And the fun part is, you get to make it up yourself! If possible, it's a good idea to include some keywords in your domain name - this can help with search engines indexing your site later on. Some people choose to register their own name as their domain name - there are loads of examples of that from Oprah to Tom Cruise. Or you can come up with something clever or that has meaning for you. … [Read More...]

me & skyrah spiritquest 09 3

The Beginning…

Today is a new beginning for me. But before I tell you why, let me tell you the first story. Nearly 8 years ago, I had another new beginning - and it happened on July 4th - Independence Day! I became a mom that day and everything in my life changed. Things didn't go the way I had planned though! But that's okay, because I have new plans now. I had hoped to have a bigger family, a happy marriage and all the other things that most people plan for when they have their first child. But things didn't turn out the way I hoped. I ended up on my own right from the beginning. I even cut my daughter's umbilical cord myself! Being a single mom was never in my plans but that's just how things went. I've had to make some tough choices about my life since then. It has always been important to me … [Read More...]

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